Why are some ski poles curved and curved? Will this be used only for alpine skiing?

Update:10 Jun 2020

There is a ski sport called downhill. Will use curved ski poles:

Why did you choose this kind of ski poles? Because when you taxi at a high speed 130+MPH, any air resistance will slow down your speed.

And when skiing on the slope, you close the pole, the bending point of the pole will be closer to your body, ergonomic.

Ski poles are divided into several categories such as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and freestyle skiing according to their uses. Among them, curved poles are only used in some alpine skiing projects, because in high-speed skiing, curved poles can better fit athletes The body thus acts to reduce air resistance. Take the five alpine skiing events of the Sochi Winter Olympics as an example. The downhill, versatile, super slalom and large slalom athletes use curved poles, and the poles used by slalom athletes are the common straight type. .