Ski equipment collection-skis, ski poles, ski boots

Update:19 Jun 2020

Ski equipment mainly includes skis, poles, boots, various fixtures, ski wax, ski wear, helmet-shaped caps, colored mirrors, windshields, etc. Usually ski slopes have equipment rental, tourists may wish to rent.

For beginners, it is best to choose a ski with good elasticity, short length, larger snowboard head, and light weight.

If economic conditions permit, skiers should consider purchasing their own set of special ski equipment (including skis, anchors, ski shoes, and ski poles). When purchasing equipment, you should mainly consider the integrity of the manufacturer and the merchant, the quality and performance of the snowboard, and after-sales maintenance services. You must not purchase and use the bran heart skis.

Keep your ski poles in balance. Referred to as the snow stick, its role is to help glide and maintain the balance of the body. Choose the principle of light weight, not easy to break, good balance, and suitable for your height. Generally, it is counted from the snow-blocking wheel, the longest should not exceed the shoulders, and the shortest should not be lower than the threat. You may pass the leather bracelet and wave your hand with the stick, which is better.

The retainer avoids ski injuries. All skis have a device that fixes the ski boots on it. The fixer will quickly loosen when the skier falls, so it is one of the important protective equipment to avoid ski injuries.

Ski wear is practical. It should be based on the principles of keeping warm, weatherproof, comfortable and fit, not hindering movement and minimizing wind resistance. Although professional ski wear is of good quality, it is expensive, so it is generally only necessary to buy practical, ordinary clothes.

Ski boots keep warm and fit. Beginners and amateurs can choose to keep warm and waterproof ski boots. It is best to choose short boots with a lower boot, so as not to affect the flexion of the ankle.

Colored glasses are essential. Due to the strong sunlight reflection on the snow, you must wear colored glasses to keep your eyes. The plastic frame is safer; the lens color is yellow or brown.