A few special uses of trekking poles

Update:04 Jun 2020

In fact, trekking poles were widely used by people a long time ago, but at that time, they were just looking for a stronger tree stick instead. Now that there are specialized trekking pole manufacturers and products, it has naturally become one of the necessary equipment for the majority of outdoor donkeys.

From everyone's perspective, the use of trekking poles seems to only relieve knee impact, increase climbing speed, and balance the body when going up and down. Now there are many kinds of trekking poles, and a series of new products such as LED lamp heads, compasses, camera tripods and so on have emerged at the historic moment. What is mentioned here is only the alternative use of the most basic trekking poles.

1. The trend of snakes from late spring to early winter is the golden season for snake activities, especially in the scorching summer and the golden autumn. Snake activities are the most active, often walking around and looking for food day and night. When we are outdoors, we often walk through unobvious jungles, woods, and snakes. At this time, we can use trekking poles to fiddle with trees, bushes, grass, in order to "beat the grass to startle the snake" and scare away snakes. But just in case, it's best to carry snake snake medicine like realgar. (Realgar pharmacy is available)

2. There is a saying in Hunan that broken spider webs, human skin will grow "spider pill" after being crawled by poisonous spiders. In fact, "spider pill" is medically known as "herpes zoster". Itching, its pain is extremely. Although the spider silk and cobweb are just a kind of silky substance formed by the solidification of animal protein, it is not easy to stick to the body. Therefore, in places where there are more trees and less people (especially in the morning), you can wave a trekking pole in front of your body to break the spider web. In addition, the exposed skin can be removed by splashing wet skin with water before going up the mountain.

3. Anti-animal Hong Qigong is famous for his martial arts fighting dogs. We can also use the power of trekking poles to fight evil dogs, wild wolves and other wild animals. However, if there is no danger to your life, be kind, scare and scare them, let them live a life.

4. Direction measurement Many times, we overestimate our outdoor survivability. Perhaps we never thought that we would get lost, so we did not bring direction indicators such as compass and north arrow. At this time, our trekking poles can play a role again. In the place where the sun is direct, we fix the trekking pole to the ground, mark the top of the trekking pole shadow every hour (or other fixed time period), and then connect all the marking symbols in a line. The line we see at this time is pointing in both directions.

5. Anti-trapping traps and traps As everyone’s awareness of the protection of wild animals is strengthened, wild animals are now daring to come out everywhere. Many people in mountainous areas and forest areas are hunting for fields and themselves, and some are also hunted privately. Obvious places are set with wild boar clips and traps. Many city donkeys have no experience after falling into the clips and traps, and often get tighter and tighter. To prevent it from happening, we must continue to use our staff to explore the way to avoid falling into the trap.

6. What should I do if I don't bring my raincoat when the temporary rain awning is coming? We can fix the trekking pole to the ground, and use the trekking pole as the center to put the waterproof mat up, and a temporary rainproof awning is built. We can listen to the rain in the temporary rain awning.

7. It is inevitable that people will be injured in the outdoor operation of temporary stretchers. Small injuries can be handled at the camp or down the mountain. However, once an emergency occurs, we cannot move the injured and there is no stretcher. What should I do? At this time, trekking poles and mats can play a role again. Open the mat, 1/3 fold, a trekking pole passes through, and another trekking pole is pressed on the folded mat, and the movable side is opened to cover the entire "temporary stretcher".

8. First aid for falling into the water When encountering a pool or mud, if a team member falls into the mud or water, we can extend the trekking pole to the longest and use it to rescue our companions, but also be careful not to let yourself get into trouble.

9. Autumn is coming. There will be wild fruits in the mountains in the south and in the north. Under normal circumstances, do not pick them at random, because it is not known whether the fruit tree has the owner, whether pesticides have been used, and whether this fruit is poisonous. If we still insist on picking fruit and the tree is too high, we can use the extended trekking pole to hit the fruit again.

10. Entertainment is well-known. Pole dance can't jump without the steel pipe. It has become one of the reasons why many XDs refuse to jump in outdoor games and leisure. With trekking poles, performances, and levers!