Why make trekking poles?

Update:20 Feb 2021

Because, in fact, we know. No matter which sport you are engaged in, especially now running. When playing football or basketball, many people worry about whether it will be bad for the knees, including when you go to the gym to do iron exercises. So many times, when you mention sports, you think of knee injuries. Nowadays, many partners often like to go for a walk, or reload a series of outdoor sports such as hiking. When we use a cane, you will find that the series of exercises from shoulder to arm to wristband and finally to the cane will alleviate your The burden on the knees can reduce the bearing capacity of the two knees by about 30%. In addition, in the process of using canes, it is more important to use them in pairs. Why? The first is that when you use canes in pairs, your whole body can be kept upright during walking. What does this mean? First, you can better observe the road conditions you are walking; secondly, your body is in a more open state, and you can breathe better. Because whether you are running or hiking outdoors, your breathing will drive the rhythm of your body. This is very important. Generally, experienced leaders may not walk particularly fast at the beginning during the walking process, but you will find him Walking is particularly easy, in fact, because he has mastered the rhythm of walking very well.

When you only use one cane, you will unconsciously lean your center of gravity to that side. After a long time, the fatigue on this side will come faster. Another point is that during the hike, there will often be a single-plank bridge. When crossing a single-plank bridge, if you only use a cane, when you lean to the side without a cane, you may not be able to change the cane so quickly. So in some special environments: such as single-plank bridges or narrow cliffs, using a pair of walking sticks will keep your body balanced.

Benefit 1: It saves effort. To be precise, it helps the legs to walk or climb mountains with less effort. Originally all the power comes from the two legs. If both hands can also generate the power to travel through trekking poles, it is obviously saving The strength of the legs. It is recommended to use double sticks on regular routes; it is best not to use sticks on more dangerous routes, and use both hands and feet in the most reliable way.
Benefit 2: Help maintain balance. Some routes are very rugged and it is difficult to master balance. Trekking poles can provide an extra 1-2 pivot points to help the body maintain balance.