Why do carabiner buckles do a salt spray test

Update:03 Sep 2020

Generally, carabiner buckles are made of aluminum alloy, iron, or stainless steel. There are many shapes, such as round carabiner, racetrack, egg, square, triangle, etc.

Why do carabiner buckles do a salt spray test

The salt spray test of the buckle is mainly to monitor the salinity resistance of the buckle. Some products can only be transported by sea. Long-term operation at sea will affect the quality of the product. This test is also divided into two steps.

1. Soak the fastener in sea water for 72 hours

2. Put the soaked fasteners in the sun for 5-7 days

3. Has the test intensity changed too much after the completion?

There are also some, such as acid resistance tests, which can be tested according to different requirements and materials. Among them, metal fasteners must be tested for rust, corrosion, and drug resistance. Plastic Fasteners'> If there are post-processing of plastic fasteners, such as electroplating, water dyeing, oiling and other processes, further testing of these additional processes is required.