Is it necessary for beginner skiers to use ski poles?

Update:22 Aug 2020

For a beginner in skiing, ski poles are really useful! Useful! Useful! (Important things are said three times).

First of all, when wearing a snowboard, you will feel slippery under your feet and cannot be put on smoothly. At this point, we can stick the ski poles steadily into the snow, with the support of the ski poles, first snap the toes to the front of the ski, and then step down with the heels, and hear the ski fixation "click" Sound, indicating that the whole foot is smoothly stuck into the ski.

Secondly, after sliding from the slope to the slope, the skis need to be removed. At this time, the back end of the holder can be pressed down with ski poles, and the holder can be separated from the foot smoothly. If you don’t have ski poles, you can only squat down and press the back end of the holder with your hands.

Third, holding ski poles during skiing is like walking on a single-plank bridge and spreading our arms, helping to maintain body balance.

Finally, when you first practice skiing, you will inevitably feel nervous and flustered. Holding a ski pole in your hand will relieve your tension and feel more secure. If you accidentally fall, you can also stand up with ski poles.

It can be seen that although beginner skiers can't perform difficult movements such as turning and assisting in turns with ski poles, ski poles can help beginners master the balance and also help familiarize themselves with the basic skiing movements. , Is essential equipment for beginners.

1. The total height of the ski poles should be 9 parts or less than the shoulders of the user. The poles of ski poles should be made of solid wooden poles or alloy aluminum tubes, preferably hollow bamboo poles, the diameter of the poles is I5--30mm, the upper and lower sides are thicker or the upper end is slightly thicker.

2. The ski pole is composed of a pole body, a grip leather, a snow wheel, and the tip of the pole. In addition, in order to hold the pole well, thickening the pole body to 25^-30mm at the grip will give good results. It is best not to hold the leather belt too thin, and the length should be adjustable, so that it can be used with large hands and with different gloves.

3. The length of the pole is adjusted to 110cm, which is most suitable for use in various terrains. However, if you want to improve the requirements, the basic action of sliding (turning with full brake), the best pole length should be 115-120cm, and it can be adjusted to 105-110cm according to the situation.