How Good Is Your Walking Pole?

Update:23 Jan 2021

A walking pole! Did you know that walking sticks are more than a medieval tool for keeping your balance? They're useful for lots of things these days! If you don't have a walking stick, there's an easy way to get one. It's not nearly as difficult as it sounds; the process is surprisingly easy.

A good pair of hiking/walking poles is a must if you plan on walking, hiking, backpacking, or trail-walking long distances. Even when was young, did not use or have walking poles. Now, walking poles are mere tools to help you keep your balance; they're not some magic fairy that will save your life. (OK, unless you argue.)

There are several kinds of walking pole to choose from. You can get the low-profile, non-adjustable kind, which are made of durable aluminium. These poles aren't cheap, but if you go with the low-priced trekking poles, you'll be better off if they last only a few outings. Adjustable trekking poles, on the other hand, come in several varieties, and can be adjusted for both walking and hiking. Some even contain a storage compartment for your cell phone and extra batteries!

Another kind of walking pole is made of carbon fibre, and you can even find them in a variety of colours. It's important to note that carbon fibre is light, strong, and flexible, but not very comfortable. If you buy the carbon fiber trekking poles, keep in mind that these trekking poles tend to break easily, especially if you tend to push them a lot. However, they are extremely durable, and the best place to shop for them is online.

The next type of walking pole is the micro radio carbon. These poles have aluminium frames and a thin layer of carbon fibre. They are strong and sturdy, but not at all soft and pliable. These poles are a great deal, available at various stores all over the country. The best thing is, you get to choose between two different colour options - the grey and the white.

One other thing to consider is the walking sticks. Different trekking poles have their own specific types of handles. Your trekking pole should have a full-size grip, a regular grip, or a compact one. The regular-sized grip is good for general walking, while the compact one is ideal for short hikes and shorter paces. Some people find it better to use the compact gripping when hiking in the woods, where extra control is needed.

Stabilizing your poles is also important. Most walking sticks come with an aluminium shaft with either a double-sided disc or a single-sided disc. However, you can adjust the height of your walking stick using either the two aluminum poles with adjustment range, or the one and a half-inch aluminium poles with adjustment range. The double-sided disc tends to be stiffer than the one and a half inch, and is used for stronger hiking. Some trekking poles feature a thumb-turn adjustment, which is very useful for adjusting the height and sturdiness of the poles.

Apart, from all the above features, the pole's stability is determined by its weight and length. The heavier the pole, the more stable it becomes. If you are new to the sport of hiking, it is advisable that you buy the lightest trekking poles available as they help you achieve stability without adding too much weight. You can buy your Nordic poles online for faster, better quality and convenience.

Apart from this, there are some other features of Nordic walking poles that you should consider when buying them. The front foot has less clearance while walking on an uneven surface, so you should purchase a pole with wider widths. Also, find out if the rear foot is adjustable in case you have a low arch or other foot abnormalities. In general, the more features and options you're walking poles have, the more expensive they are.

Another important factor that you need to consider is about the length of the trekking poles. Different people have different requirements while hiking. Some of them may carry a lot of items like a laptop bag, ropes and other accessories. If you want to carry something lighter such as a bottle of water or a cell phone, go for smaller, lighter trekking poles, which are narrower at the shoulders.

Overall, finding good quality Nordic walking poles with proper features, designed for comfort and lightweight, will not only improve your fitness walking poles calories burned, but it will also be safe for your health. In addition, you will be free from any health issues related to using old-fashioned trekking poles that can cause you many problems in the long run. So, get one now!