Are you ready for outdoor travel

Update:29 Jan 2021

Outdoor sports can not only exercise your body, but also increase your knowledge. It is deeply loved by the public. As more and more people join the outdoors, what do you need to prepare for outdoor travel.

   1. Bring a small medicine bag. You must bring some common medicines when you go out to exercise, because you will inevitably encounter some accidents outdoors. If you bring a small medicine bag with you, you should be prepared.

   2, pay attention to outdoor safety. Outdoor sports sometimes pass through some dangerous area attractions, such as steep slopes, dense forests, cliff trails, rapids and deep caves, etc. In these dangerous areas, you should try your best to travel together and do not venture alone.

  3. Be civil and polite. Be polite to people at any time and on any occasion, be humble and patient in everything, and consciously abide by public order.

   4, take good care of cultural relics and historic sites. Tourists should consciously take care of the cultural relics and historic sites and the flowers and trees in the scenic spot wherever they go, and not arbitrarily carve and paint on the scenic spots and historic sites.

   5. We must respect local customs. Our country is a multi-ethnic country. Many ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs. As the saying goes: "Do as the locals do." When traveling in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, we must respect their traditional customs and taboos in life, and we must not ignore etiquette or harm their national self-esteem due to careless actions.

  6. ​​Pay attention to hygiene and health. It is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment of "food culture" to enjoy local famous dishes and famous dishes when playing outside, but you must pay attention to food and drinking water hygiene, and avoid overeating.

7. Be wary of being deceived. At present, there are still a small number of bad guys who steal, defraud, and rob in society. Therefore, when you are "welcome to each other", you must not easily have a deep relationship and do not leak "secrets" to prevent being deceived and causing your own financial and financial damage Loss.

  8. A thorough outdoor sports plan, that is, a specific plan for time, route, accommodations and a guide map (book), relevant maps, car and boat schedules, and necessary luggage should be made in advance.