What material is good for ski poles

Update:26 Apr 2020

Aluminum ski poles are of good quality.

The traditional snow poles are made of aluminum. The standard diameter is about 18mm, which is still the mainstream of the market. Because the process is mature, the cheap snow poles for rental are also made of aluminum. The snow poles for athletes are also made of aluminum. , Athlete-grade aluminum pole, light weight and moderate elasticity, there will be no feeling of heavy hands in control. Aluminum ski poles are not only of good quality, but they are also lighter to hold in your hand than other materials, and they are also cheaper.

After knowing what material the ski poles are of good quality, I will introduce some basic knowledge of ski poles.

The simplest ski poles are two wooden sticks or bamboo poles of the same height, but there are imperfections in use. In order to make the ski pole support strong and not easy to detach from the hand, you can drill a hole in the top of the pole or directly fix a long circular strip, put your hand inside from below, and hold the pole and the circular strip together, This part is called the grip, and the circular strip is called the grip leather. In order to overcome the difficulty that the ski poles are too deep, inconvenient to use, or even unusable in deep snow, a snow wheel can be installed at the bottom of the pole 70--100 mm from the lower end, so that the snow poles are limited to the snow. Depth, to ensure the full play of the role of the pole. Of course, the snow wheel is meaningless on the hard light snow surface. The outer ring of the snow wheel is made of about 10-15 mm thick knee bars or light alloys, plastics, etc., and the diameter is about 100 ^ -1550 mm. The middle ib material and shape are not limited. Rice shape is acceptable.

In order to support the ski poles on the hard snow, it is necessary to install a metal tip on the lower end.

The total height of the ski poles should be 9 times below the user's shoulders. The pole body of the ski pole should be solid wooden pole or aluminum alloy tube, preferably hollow bamboo pole, the diameter of the pole is I5--30 mm, the upper and lower sides are thicker or the upper end is slightly thicker.

In summary, the ski pole is composed of the pole body, the leather grip, the snow wheel, and the whole part of the pole. In addition, in order to hold the pole well, thickening the shaft to 25 ^ -30 mm at the grip will receive good results. The leather grip belt should not be too thin, and the length should be adjustable so that it can be used with large hands and small gloves and wearing different gloves.

Although there are other ski poles on the market, for example, made of carbon fiber, the price of such ski poles is usually expensive, and the manufacturing technology affects the weight of the carbon fiber poles, and the heavy poles will affect the control. Originally wearing snowboards on the feet made walking in the snow strenuous, and using too heavy poles required more effort. Therefore, it is not an ideal choice for many friends who have just started skiing.