What Is The Main Considerations When Buying Trekking Sticks And Poles?

Update:04 Jun 2021

Trekking sticks are a relatively common hiking accessory which serve to provide balance and to help walkers have more confidence on rocky terrain. They may be a simple rope that tied around a branch or they could be a much more lightweight pole with a handle. This type of hiking accessory is widely used by most people when hiking, whether it's part of a group or alone. There are many different types of trekking sticks out there.

Aluminum trekking sticks are lightweight and quite strong. Some of the aluminum sticks are double ended, which allows for the use of split tips for staunching. These trekking poles have been around for decades and many models are still being produced, even though many older models can be tricky to find. The aluminum sticks are available in both long and short length. You may also be able to find these poles with split tips at a variety of lengths.

Plastic trekking sticks are generally lighter than aluminum but they do not have the strength of the former. They are usually made from a hard plastic material that is then wrapped in various ways. The materials used to wrap the sticks tend to be either leather or synthetic. This type of stick is not recommended for very cold weather. A plastic stick can give out very weak grips and tends to lose their grip fast when it gets wet or dusty.

Plastic trekking sticks that are constructed using the leather / synthetic materials are the best for use when traveling in extremely cold weather. They give off a more comfortable and sturdy grip than their aluminum counterparts. Unfortunately, some of these walking sticks can be very cheap and not hold up well when exposed to high temperatures. One downside to this is that the handles may become cracked and even break after several uses. If you will only be using your walking sticks on extremely cold and dampter terrains, then this could be acceptable.

It should go without saying that quality trekking sticks and trekking poles should be made of black diamond. Black diamond has been proven as one of the most durable materials available. It should also go without saying that when purchasing trekking poles, make sure they are lightweight. You will find that lighter trekking poles will be easier to handle and move around. You should also try to find trekking poles that are very durable and strong.

The main considerations when purchasing trekking poles include: durability, weight, and appearance. While appearance does take a backseat to durability, you still want to make sure you have a long lasting pole that is very sturdy. Durability should be your number one priority when making your decision.