Using Hiking Poles For Outdoor Activity

Update:05 Aug 2021

Hiking poles are an indispensable hiking equipment that serve to aid walkers in their pace, to give stability, and decrease stress on various joints especially on rough terrain. They are also used for getting around remote locations where vehicles or people are unavailable. Although trekking poles were originally invented for walking and mountain climbing, they have now evolved to become one of the essential hiking equipment. Some would argue though that they are too cumbersome and large to be an effective hiking equipment.

When we go downhill or go into difficult terrain, we often need to improvise to make our way through. This requires a lot of strength and agility from the body. While there is nothing wrong with going downhill and going slow, it is still necessary to balance the body weight evenly. To do this, one should choose hiking poles that are light in weight and have flexible cables and ropes to help one bend their knees as they go uphill. This way they won't get tense and stiff at the end of the hike and will be able to maximize their physical performance.

Going downhill requires a lot more control and a sense of balance. This is why rubber hiking poles have become such a craze these days. These are made from thick rubber and are strong enough to hold the body up even when a person is walking fast. There are various types of rubber trail running spikes and cleats that you can choose from. There are also soft-soled spikes and rocks that you can attach to your poles. Most people prefer the latter as they don't cause any pain to the feet unlike the former.

Aside from using hiking poles to get over uneven or slippery terrain, they can also be used in mountainous terrains. If you are trekking through a mountainous region, it would be wise to bring a pair of boots that are water resistant and comfortable. You wouldn't want to spend all your time on a trail that is so steep or so wet that you get blisters or frostbite, right?

Hiking poles come with different lengths. Depending on how long you need your trekking poles to be, there are different types of straps and clasps that you can attach to your poles. The common standard length for hiking poles is twenty-eight inches, however there are others that are available in fifty-six inches, a hundred and sixty inch, and a one hundred and fifty inch.

You can also use your hiking poles while walking in a stream or a river. There are several reasons why this should be done. First of all, it allows you to exercise your legs as you are hiking as well as build up your upper body. When you are walking, you can use the momentum from your feet to carry you forward. By adding extra upper body weight to your thighs and hips, you can achieve more body strength.