Tips To Help You Choose Your Cross Country Pole

Update:30 Sep 2020

When shopping for a new or used Cross Country SKI Pole, you must first decide what size is best suited to your skill level and budget. This can be achieved by measuring your skier height and weight and also the length of your ski boots and pants. The most important thing to remember is the cross pole should be mounted on the same piece of equipment that you are using.

To properly size a cross country pole you must measure from the under arm (inner arm) to the bottom of your ski boots. A properly sized pole in this case should sit at right below the armpit just above the knee.

Properly sized Cross Country Poles should range from four feet long to six feet long. A shorter cross pole will require a shorter boot, which means a shorter boot size.

Cross country poles come in two main types, the straight shafts (S-section) and the curved shafts (curved). A curved shaft pole requires a longer boot, which means a higher boot size.

A Cross Country Pole must be mounted as high up the boot as possible for optimal stability. The highest point should be at the calf and ankle joint. Your boot size will be directly related to how much flex you want at the ankle joint.

To determine your skier's height, take a tape measure around the widest part of the foot. The measurement is measured as inches.

If you are buying a new Cross Country Pole make sure that you have taken measurements of both the boot and the pole. Some manufactures do not allow the purchaser to take the boots and poles in the store with them.

Don't forget to add the size of the boot that is necessary for your Cross Country Pole to the amount of the axle. that goes on the boot.

The width of the pole is very important to fit it perfectly onto the boot. Measure the boot to the cross pole with a tape and check for the area between the boot and the cross. This is called the tongue of the boot.

Once you have measured your boots and your cross country pole and have determined a proper fitting, don't try to stretch it too far or the boot will split at the joint. Remember, the boot should be a half inch higher than the cross section of the boot.

If you find yourself between two sizes, it would be best to buy a smaller size of boot and get an adjustable boot. You can use a pliers and slide your boot over the pole to tighten it slightly. and try again.

Make sure you use wax or other substance that will prevent the boot from wearing away when you're walking. This can happen if you put too much pressure on the boot.

Take your time and try to wear them in and out and make sure they stay on well. Most manufacturers recommend that you get several pairs.

Make sure the straps are adjusted correctly to the cross country pole with the appropriate length. The strap should be worn so that the shaft sits at the same distance from the boot as it would if the boot were on your ankle.

Make sure your boots have enough room to move around while you are walking. There should not be any gaps in between the boots and the pole, if there is you may want to put a small amount of padding between them to keep the boot from getting stuck while you are walking.

If you are going to be carrying a load, make sure the straps are tight enough to hold the load comfortably. without causing it to slide down the pole.

Always remember that comfortable Cross Country Pole walking is the best way to enjoy your activity. !