How To Select A Good Quality Trekking Stick?

Update:23 Apr 2021

Trekking sticks are an important hiking equipment that serve to help walkers gain more balance and also to provide more stability on rocky terrain. They have evolved from primitive sticks used by early settlers in America to much more technologically advanced trekking sticks today. Trekking poles were once crafted from wood. They were relatively simple in design and very lightweight. Today's trekking poles boast a sturdier design, are generally stronger and heavier as well as being more durable. There are a number of different types of trekking poles for you to choose from.

Aluminum trekking poles are lightweight and strong. Aluminum is a light weight metal, which makes it ideal for use in trekking poles and other outdoor gear. Its light weight also makes it easier to carry on your back and it doesn't dent or indent easily like some lighter metals may. However, aluminum is weaker when compared to steel, which can be used as a base material to craft the actual trekking pole. The typical aluminum trekking poles weigh between eight and ten pounds and they are typically between seven to eight inches long.

Copper trekking sticks are stronger than aluminum or even steel trekking poles. While these trekking sticks are heavier than most, they are also longer and they can weigh between ten and fifteen pounds. They are also typically between seven to ten inches long. Most copper trekking poles have an open end which allows for a much larger headroom compared to other types of trekking poles.

Silver trekking sticks are also known to be strong. These trekking sticks are made from a one piece construction which enables them to be sturdy as well as lightweight. This allows for trekkers to handle them without any problems. However, silver trekking poles can be more difficult to maintain due to their lack of sharp ends which may cause the pole to cut into the skin. If this happens, the individual may not be able to carry on any further trekking with out fear of getting the wound. Hence, the individual will require adequate first aid training.

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing trekking poles is the material which the pole is made from. Aluminum trekking poles can be made from a number of different metals including zinc, iron and stainless steel. Those made from aluminum are relatively light weight but they do not last long. On the other hand, stainless steel trekking poles last for quite some time but they are very heavy and hence not recommended for those who are short or do not possess strong legs.

Some people prefer trekking sticks made from bamboo. Although these trekking sticks are quite strong, the actual process of using the stick can pose a lot of problems especially when individuals have weak legs. Individuals suffering from arthritis or any other similar illness may find it very difficult to trek even with the help of these trekking sticks. The best way to deal with this problem is to use trekking straps which can be procured from many trekking stores. These straps are padded and therefore do not cause any discomfort when the individual walks in uneven terrain or takes up short hikes.

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