Eastdragon tells you what types of ski poles are there

Update:17 Mar 2021

In addition to using skis when skiing, ski poles are also used. It is an important device used to help the body maintain balance. In addition, it can also play a role in supporting advancement, increasing sliding force, and guiding changes. There are three main types of ski poles, namely, alpine poles, cross-country poles, and free-skating ballet poles. The three items of snow jumping, aerial skiing, and snowboarding do not require the use of ski poles.

When the length of the ski poles and the upper arm sag naturally, the elbow should be equal to the length of the vertical line of the ground. People who are new to skiing should use longer ski poles. When skiing skills are improved, shorter ski poles can be used. Shorter poles are helpful for mastering and applying skiing skills. There is grip leather on the upper end of the ski pole, and the wrist is wrapped in the grip leather. Even if the skier's hand is not tightly held, the ski pole will not take off.

A snow wheel is installed at the end of the pole, and the device is used to prevent the pole from being inserted too deeply into the snow. If the pole is inserted in the snow too much, it will be difficult to pull out, which greatly hinders the sliding. If you are not careful, the skier may fall. In addition, snow wheels can also help skiers find the most stable fulcrum in speed skating. The length of the pole should first be consistent with the height of the skier. It should have a certain strength, light weight, and good balance.

When holding ski poles, the way of gripping the leather is the most critical. The palm of the hand is facing the ground, the hand is inserted into the grip leather from below, holding the bottom of the grip leather and the pole, hold a ski pole in each hand, stand them on both sides of the body, with the support of the pole, the feet Step on the snowboard and slide forward, make good use of the balance performance of the poles, and let the body gradually adapt to the feeling of the snowboard and sliding.

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