A Brief Talk on Nordic Walking Stick

Update:24 Jul 2020

The tool to help cross-country running is the nordic walking stick

The first point, the structure of the Nordic walking stick:

The Nordic walking pole is made of carbon fiber composite rod body, and the wrist strap is specially designed, similar to a simple glove. In addition to the metal tip, the bottom is also equipped with a small boot-like shock-absorbing head. Its rod body is very light. In addition to having sufficient support, it also has good elasticity. It can be bent, and the reaction force of the elasticity and straightness allows the user to borrow. The specially designed wristband can change the direction of hand force in addition to making it easier to grasp the handle. In addition, instead of grasping the handle, using the wrist strap to support and push the cane is also a unique design to reduce hand vibration. The metal tip at the bottom can easily walk on the ground such as ice, snow and mud, while the anti-skid head of the small boots can ensure that it does not slip when walking on smooth ground such as slate and cement.

The second point is how to use Nordic walking sticks;

How to use Nordic walking sticks

1. The use of Nordic walking sticks requires that the shoulder joint can swing back and forth, and the arm swing is increased to enhance fitness and protection. Walking on a flat road, on the basis of normal walking, the hind legs are straight, the heels of the front legs are on the ground, the arms are opened, the support points of the canes are slightly behind on both sides of the body, and the rods are inclined to push the body forward. Row.

2. When climbing, the wristband should be fully utilized. When going up the mountain, put the cane in front first, use the wristband to pull the body upward, and bend the arm after going up, use the wristband to push the cane behind to make the body continue upward. When going down the mountain, the cane should be supported in front, and the arm should be in a straight line with the cane to extend the length of the cane.